Seminar Colorado

The Canine Training Academy has teamed up with Dutch Trainer "Dick Staal" to present a  12 day SUPER K9 training event


This 12 day super event will include the best of Dick Staal's training classes all in one central location at our Colorado Training Facility. 
Hosted by, Canine Training Academy LLC. You will only able to see him here in 2018.
Dates for this 12 day Event:                                  
• May 1-12, 2018 (Intro to KNPV add-on day. May 13th, 2018).
If you are interested in attending any of these classes, contact us for pre-registration information and class content. You can register for as many classes as you want to attend during this 12 day event. Registration is open.

Available Courses


  • Tracking 1 and 2- Two 3 day workshops. Take one or both back to back.

    • Tracking 1- May 1-3, 2018. K9 $500 / Audit $400

    • Tracking 2- May 4-6, 2018. K9 $550 / Audit $400


  • Basic Detection Work- 3 day workshop with classroom and practical work.

    • ​May 7-9, 2018. 

    • K9 $500 / Audit $400

  • From Puppy to Working Adult: - 3 day workshop. Designed to help you develop puppies into functional, happy working dogs. Includes and introduction to the best of Dick Staal's training methods for obedience, tracking, detection, retrieve or bite work. Extensive lecture and some practical work included. K9 slots available. All breeds welcome.​

  • K9 $550 / Audit $400

  • May 10-12, 2018.

Class content for this course:​



  • Dicks training method 


  • How to choose / test the best pup in the nest


  • The first days / months with the pup


  • Communication with the pup


  • The learning process of the pup


  • The difference between teaching an exercise and eliminating unwanted behavior


  • Developing a pup in the first 4 months


  • The clicker: advantages and disadvantages


  • The advantages of training a pup


  • The advantages of a positive training


  • Teaching exercises (General): 3 phases


  • "Start with the end" and back chaining

  • Training on low drift or high drive / the difference


  • The fast learning process of a pup


  • Training with food


  • Topics (Tentative):


  • Learning exercises obedience


  • Learning exercises "with the nose"


  • The best way to teach a pup to retrieve articles


  • How to teach a pup to indicate articles in a few days


  • Searching within one week.


  • How to teach a pup to track


  • Tracking on several surfaces (e.g. grass, fields, forest)


  • Everything about hard-surface tracking

  • Food or no food during tracking


  • Searching indoors detection work


  • The use of the clicker and searching and indicating


  • Training the pup to find and bark at big articles


  • Training the pup to search for persons / decoy


  • First steps how to train the pup for bite-work


  • Building up bite-work in the first year


  • Training with food and bite-work​​


IMPORTANT: If you are attending with a K9 Please bring your own shade. We have limited shade areas.


More information and registration: